British Arab Network | syria attack trump assad radio sawa colombia
syria attack trump assad radio sawa colombia

British Arab Network chairman interviewed about US Missile strikes on Syria by Colombia TV & USA Radio SAWA

08 Apr 2017, by British Arab Network in In the Media


This week, Dr. Wafik Moustafa, chairman of the British Arab Network, was interviewed about USA’s attack on a Syrian air base by Colombia TV and USA Radio SAWA.

Dr. Moustafa said:

“The US has carried out a measured missile strike on a Syrian airbase. This reflects a dramatic shift in President Trump’s position on the Syrian civil war and the use of prohibited nerve gas. The strikes serve as a serious warning to Assad and will unsettle North Korea and Iran. This should not escalate into a political military confrontation between the US and Russia as any future collateral damage would only serve the Assad regime’s agenda. Britain stands with America.”


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